Organic Centre

Overview of Mayo Abbey Organic Centre







Background to our Organic Centre

In 2005, the company looked at setting up a garden. This was for a dual purpose:

  • To provide vegetables for the meals in our kitchens
  • To use it as a base to provide horticulture training, which would add to and complement the training centre

There was an increasing awareness around the benefits of being environmentally friendly, and after researching the options, it was decided to work towards developing an organic garden. The committee also saw a gap in the market that would help develop the training centre, as there was nobody in the locality offering training in organic horticulture at the time.

Work on developing the garden began it 2005. The garden was granted organic status in 2009.

Today, the organic garden consists of:

  • 5 Polytunnels
  • Glass house
  • Orchard
  • Berry cage
  • A number of raised beds
  • Field
  • Compost area
  • Garden sheds
  • Garden building

In addition to providing a base for our horticulture courses, the organic garden links in with our cookery courses, building a practical awareness around using ingredients that are in season and building dishes around what is available in the garden, thus increasing awareness around reducing our carbon footprint and sustainability.

Why not contact us and arrange to visit our beautiful garden – a member of staff will be happy to show you around.


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