Computers, Accounts, Payroll Courses


At St. Colman's Training Centre we have a range of IT courses to suit individual needs. Computer training is available in a wide variety of computer software at different skill levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced. We provide accredited computer training at various levels and also short non accredited training for first time computer users.


Aimed to give learners a comprehensive introduction to manual and computerised payroll procedures and the knowledge and skills to work under supervision in a payroll department. All relevant finance legislation and regulations will be studied.

Courses include the following:


Aimed to give learners the skills, knowledge and competence of manual and computerised accounts with an understanding of the principles of accounting. Participants will be shown how to prepare financial statements both manually and computerised.


The ECDL Start certificate is awarded to a candidate who has completed four out of a possible seven modules in various computer applications. We also offer the additional three modules to achieve the full ECDL Core.

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Payroll Manual and Computerised L5 5N1546

Participants will acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to operate and maintain accurate payroll records using manual and computerised systems, for an organisation, working under general direction and supervision.

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This course is a stepping stone for any person who would like to progress to ECDL.

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Accounting Manual and Computerised L5 5N1348

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge,skill and competence to prepare financial statements for a range of organisations both manually and using integrated accounting software.

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Digital Media

Learning how to attach cameras, phone and digital devices to PC to extract and upload information including photos and music.

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EqualSkills (Beginners Computers)

Suitable for individuals with no experience of using computers. This course equips the individual with the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

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Agfood Computer Training for Farmers

This course aims to help farmers to be confident in using computers including: Intro to World Wide Web, Setup valid current e-mail address,, registration of, logging into and navigating the on-line system.

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Computer Literacy Level 3 3N0881

To equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to access and operate a computer for their own needs in everyday life.

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EXCEL Module

Suitable for individuals who wish to enhance their skills in using spreadsheets incorporating various calculations, professional formatting & graphical charts.

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Information Technology Skills L4 4N1125

Participants will gain the knowledge, skill and competence to use applications in information technology. Skills will be developed in data entry, word processing, and using the internet.

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