Childcare, Personal Development Courses


The Level 5 Childcare awards are suitable for individuals wishing to work with young children or those already working in childcare and wishing to gain qualifications. Level 5 is considered the baseline qualification and learners must achieve a specific set of 8 modules to obtain a full Major Award.

Each module is considered a minor award and a Component Certificate is given for each one.

Personal Development:

At St. Colman's Training Centre we run a number of Personal Development courses. Programmes are designed to help individuals in the following areas, Goal achievement, personal communication, time management, self-confidence, career planning and developing as an individual.

Career Preparation Level 3 3N0896

Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to gather information and make informed judgments about work, training and educational opportunities, and gain practice in skills needed to prepare for employment.

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Personal Effectiveness Level 3 3N0565

Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to use the personal resources at their disposal in order to meet the personal and social demands of the learning and working or community environments.

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